Ameritasha’s Auto-X Experience @ NissFest


Here is Part 2 of NissFest (Click Here for part 1). I had to make this a separate post because it was a different experience on its own and I have another set of photos to share of the event that would have needed its own space. If you are here just for pics, its at the end of the post. I wont be offended by you not reading my blog. Not that I would know if you did or not.

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As I mentioned in the previous post I found myself with three friends, James, Devyn, and Enrique, from the US Itasha community. Two were volunteering in the Auto-X part of the event hosted by Moto from Club4AG. Devyn decided to join in on the Auto-X fun and started doing his laps. During that time, my car was still in the show so I was shooting everyone that was in that last two hours of the event.

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So many years and an actual Nissan Festival has happened. Festival to me defines an array of events happening from Show, Track, Auto-X, etc. Every other major Nissan gatherings has always felt like another meet. Ok…maybe this was a little rough and still lingered a bit of a meet-ish feel. This was a rather rough festival and I’ll give it the benefit of the doubt given that this was the first festival. Its not often a first time anything would run smoothly. But I think it was a good turnout. Lots of thing to polish though if it was to reoccur.

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Something 86

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Over the weekend I attended an “Initial D meet” invited by Momo and Moto. It was an interesting meet held at Longo Toyota.

I arrived with my girlfriend with a moderate long line of FRS’s and BRZ’s welcoming us onto the premises. They were pretty nicely organized with the parking. I’m surprized they had me park towards the front, that was kind of weird. As Mars1230 on instagram mentioned on no_tofu86’s post: “Day 3 and they still don’t notice the 240.” Lol.

IMG_3931 copy copy copy

I’m not too sure what I want to talk about this time around. Several familiar faces, several familliar cars; like John, Janet, Jason, and Moto. Few new ones for sure like a green wide body FRS and the RSR FRS. The RSR was definitely a neat car to see. Had a cute looking supercharger in it, looked funny for such a serious car.

The point of the meet was to meet a few of the Initial D guys and see some displayed animation cels, but I didnt see the work? I walked around here and there, in and out, and maybe i managed to miss it? Not sure. I would have loved to see the artwork and share the experience.

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