Something 86

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Over the weekend I attended an “Initial D meet” invited by Momo and Moto. It was an interesting meet held at Longo Toyota.

I arrived with my girlfriend with a moderate long line of FRS’s and BRZ’s welcoming us onto the premises. They were pretty nicely organized with the parking. I’m surprized they had me park towards the front, that was kind of weird. As Mars1230 on instagram mentioned on no_tofu86’s post: “Day 3 and they still don’t notice the 240.” Lol.

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I’m not too sure what I want to talk about this time around. Several familiar faces, several familliar cars; like John, Janet, Jason, and Moto. Few new ones for sure like a green wide body FRS and the RSR FRS. The RSR was definitely a neat car to see. Had a cute looking supercharger in it, looked funny for such a serious car.

The point of the meet was to meet a few of the Initial D guys and see some displayed animation cels, but I didnt see the work? I walked around here and there, in and out, and maybe i managed to miss it? Not sure. I would have loved to see the artwork and share the experience.

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Ramen Star Bash

While everyone is getting ready for All Star Bash, here I am getting ready for something completely irrelevant and out of my normal.

Going to wake up as if I was going to ASB. Lol….
Kinda not looking forward to the wake up and drive.
Excited for something new though!

Many thank you’s for the coming weekend:
M2 Tuning


I’ve successfully driven on an almost daily basis since Anime Expo without any problems out in public. It gets a fair amount if attention, not any more or less than I had from when I had Nanaki on the bonnet.


Cha for Tea Finale

IMG_0724 IMG_0754 Last night I attended the last Cha for Tea meet that took place in Alhambra. I had decided last minute to go since I’ve been having bad impressions on today’s car meets. I decided to go on the fact of my old friends were attending and the fact that it it technically was one of the first meet’s I had gone to on a bi-monthly basis. Sad it’s now gone.

Well not completely gone. I heard along the line’s that it will be moving out to Pomona. It may be a worthy drive. Just a little far for a meet.

Well as the usual from meets; cool cars, cool people, cool drinks. Okay…definitely not the usual from today’s meet. It was the old school vibe overall from what I remember meets were all about. Good chats, open minds, you have questions someone has answers.


Car’s from, or supporters of, Narita Dog Fight were there and it was the first time I have seen their cars. Really awesome builds between the Honda Civics and the above Porsche. One of these day’s I plan to get Yuta the dog sticker from them. I have an Idea where to place it.

IMG_0730This s14 probably called out my attention the most. It’s in no way complete. But it gives this nice complete vibe as compared to plenty of s-chassis that I’ve seen these days. Which seem like an eyesore. I guess this car gave me a new opinion about incomplete project cars. They may be incomplete but it doesn’t mean it has to look incomplete.


Being a fan of Integra’s, from when I was much younger, I took a liking toward this yellow beauty. Simple and straight to the point. Probably how I would have liked it back then. 




This seafoam Porsche caught my attention from the moment I arrived and it had parked next to me. Real cool GT3 RSR wide body kit to it. Whether that was legit or replica I do not know. But it’s really cool to look at. 



Edgar’s Z Is always something. Nice clean sleek look. Always a vehicle to appreciate.





More on the Dogfighters. This EK Civic is a rather interesting build. Something that seems to be different to me than most other Civics. Erm….maybe it’s because its an actual track car and it actually has its uses. I dunno. I’ve got nothing. Definitely an interest in my books.

IMG_0749 My Car. The obnoxious thing. Lol. I havnt talked about it at all in my blog because I haven’t given the time to do so. I’ve started, just haven’t finished. I’ll get around to it.

There were other cars at the meet that I saw that were awesome but for whatever reason I didn’t grab pictures of their cars during my quick run through. But names to mention are Rob, Wayne, and Tyler. I have known them for a long time and seen their cars evolve slowly through time. And then it was nice seeing people like Jackson, Charlie and Carl, all from the original 626 meet. Very exciting and very fun. And then last name to bring up would be finally getting to chat with Cody, in which I recently met at a track event. He seems real mellow and totally in-tune. He has an awesome Eva-Theme Civic and has the rightful driving skill to go along with it.

IMG_0752Probably my favorite photo of the night. Another one of the Dogfighters; leaving the meet just as I was preparing to head for home also. Just looking at this photo; I felt like I was looking at one of those PA (parking area) photos from Japan. Ready to take on the Wangan maybe?

After that shot I left for home bumping new tunes in the recently installed system. First time I have enjoyed music on my way home from Cha For Tea since 2007 or 2008 I’d assume. Whenever was the last year music was heard from my car. It was really nice to have some sounds accompany you while driving in the middle of the night. Because of the whole thing of the night I was listening to Initial D and Vocaloid. Only thing appropriate for me, no?


Ending my night I went around to area’s I knew and taking the opportunity to photograph my car at the late hours of the night.