**EverythingDrift** Photographer. 2007+
Since 2007 i’ve been loyal to EDrift for photographing drift events all around Southern California.

-El Camino Art Fair 2012

-????? 2012
I’m trying to track where all this traffic came from…?

Jeff AbbotSome Vegas Coverage” 2011
Photograph was used.

Fredric AasbøJapan Auto FSR: Full Throttle in Northern California!” 2010
Photograph was used and mentioned on F.Aasbo’s blog.

Fontana Nissan Race Shop – 2010
Photographed and featured at the Nissan car show.

Fast Lane Daily “Corvette Convertable” 2010
Sent a spyshot of the Corvette Stingray over to FLD and they left a nice shout out.
[oops. looks like we have a broken link :(]

Daily Breeze “Who let the Dogs out?” 2007
Senior year high school I had the oppertunity of working with Richard Powell, a well known film director, at school. The class managed to work in a very short time and in the confinement of our small school a well done short film which found its way featured on the Daily Breeze. I was both mentioned and am the one in white in the photograph.


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