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Hello, and welcome to my recent antics of taking over the world. Haha, not really. Here’s a little something I decided to do here in the US inspired from the Otaku Culture of Japan. Originally I had intended to just do on every source of transportation to contribute to this Ita- culture, but at the end of the month of February 2013, it somehow started taking over the corner of my room.

A little history on me and Anime, just for grassroots. I can’t say I’m a hardcore Otaku. Not at all. But I have been casually diving in and out of it when I can where I can. Pokemon, Full Metal Panic, Gundam, Macross, Clannad, Angel Beats, Sword Art Online; all are a few to mention that I’ve been following through. Going beyond the Animation and Graphic/Novels, I’ve been eyeing on Japan’s technology, bringing interesting ideas to mind for the present-future. Out of everything going on, this time around (2013) I’d say I’ve gone very much overboard and am actually planning to make a barrage for Anime Expo 2013 and maybe more.

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Itasha and Itachari. The two I’ve legitimately been planning since the end of 2012. This is a subculture I’ve always intended to jump into every since I’ve heard of it back in highschool but never had the budget, friend support, or the balls to actually do it.

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Itasha; simply named “pain car.” Was the initial culture I’ve wanted to be apart of since my car antics and dreams. Itasha was very small at the time, if anything very unknown here in the US, but It was something cool that brought ideas to fuse my artistic mind with my interests in anime and cars. This however hasn’t happened because of financial difficulties and strange mishaps that has been happening in my life (school is a priority and if something happens there, everything else gets affected). Honestly I wanted to have one of the first Itasha’s out there but then Toyota x Miku happened and then Danny Choo’s cars happened at AX 2011 and 2012. Maybe I could get a partial sponsor with Choo for 2013? That would be AWESOME. And it would motivate me to take myself back on the track.

Itachari, simply named “pain chariot.” Is something very new to me. I actually just recently learned about this and wanted to do something like it on my own bike. It took me until buying a brand new bike to go on with it. I was afraid of a lot of factors with the road bike. Fortunately everything has gone well with the new bike and actually had gone past my expectations in the sense of advantages that I may do the same to the road bike. We will see.

I can sell these. Price will vary since I’m trying to find least expensive materials to make these. Send me your artwork and I’ll design around it to best fit your bike. OR you can design the entire thing yourself. Email me for questions.

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