So many years and an actual Nissan Festival has happened. Festival to me defines an array of events happening from Show, Track, Auto-X, etc. Every other major Nissan gatherings has always felt like another meet. Ok…maybe this was a little rough and still lingered a bit of a meet-ish feel. This was a rather rough festival and I’ll give it the benefit of the doubt given that this was the first festival. Its not often a first time anything would run smoothly. But I think it was a good turnout. Lots of thing to polish though if it was to reoccur.


I got up pretty early for the morning drive just so I could take it easy for the hour and a half drive and not need to speed anywhere along the way. I arrived at Fontana Speedway on time to the e-mail and I was probably first 10-20 cars. Wound up playing the usual waiting game as to the few car shows I’ve attended.

Things began to get pretty rough once they started letting people in. I honestly couldnt tell if they were trying to group people and how they were grouping them. At first it was smooth ride in. Once they hit me, the guy at the gate looked at me and told me to wait. So I waited more. He allowed other cars in passing me. 350Z, G35, Altimas, everyone was going by. At the most part in groups. But then I just waved by hand to see whats up and the response of the gate guy was:

“Your car is too nice and I don’t know where to plug you in. Its too different man.”


So I just brought out my patience and waited it out. Other than the one S14 (pictured above) I didn’t see any others. So I didnt know what exactly to make out the situation.

Eventually two other S14’s showed up and we gathered together towards the back of the lot.


Beautiful 14’s I might say.

Show itself was abut of a Meet and Greet feel with a lot of disorganized staff members and a lot of disorganized car owners wandering about. Plenty of stock cars with plastidip and/or plastidip wheels and plenty of stock-ish cars with just a drop and wheels. Here and there, there were some gems and sleepers, but it was more or less like finding a diamond in the rough. But there’s not too much to complain here because I need to be reminded this is more of a Festival than a Car Show.

I’m not a fan of red but the personal favorites were masked in red.

Datsun 510 is a little ratty for my taste but the composition had me overlook the stuff that would bother me.

370Z sits real pretty with that Amuse aero and on those TE37SL. I hear its a daily driven car. Good for you sir. :)

Nissan Glora (I forgot its US name) is exactly how I would compose the car. It struck suck a solid chord I came back to it several times in the day, even after it moved to a different location.

Nissan 240sx. Clean, clean car. It won its class. Comparing to other S13’s It definitely deserved the win. I just really really wish he had matching wheels all around. If I was a judge the detail to the mismatched wheel and my own cars sagging bumper it would be rather close of a battle. I just wonder how clean his/her engine bay is. Huehuehue.

The cars in the vendor lot struck some nice chords with me.

Will Wattanawongkiri S15 is beautiful. I was kind of wondering if it was sitting to be pretty that day or if it ran some laps and I missed it. None-the-less It was beautiful.

John’s S13 is lacking the shine in paint but has a pretty good composition on its own. I’ve always been a fan favorite of the car from the beginning. I really want to see fresh paint on it though.

GTR. I’m not a fan of stancing a GTR (AT ALL) but I personally feel like this would be something I’d find at a car show in Japan and I’m good with that thoughtframe.

The Rocket Bunny S14. If you know me, You’d be surprised this is even in here. I’ll tell you why, Its not about the car/kit. Its that paint. I am pretty certain that is a Datsun OEM paint chip and it works so well with the car.

The track at Fontana is enormous and I was having difficulty managing to see anything. It was pretty confusing from spectator POV to move about so there are very few shots of anything. The layout on maps looks cool. I wish I got to see it better. There was nobody useful to ask about seeing the track as a whole. Kind of a bummer.


Well…I guess that concludes my tour of NissFest. I was a bit underwhelmed about the overall event. I kinda wish I was able watch the cars on the track. I was annoyed to shit when people were moving their cars during the show while the crowds were moving about. At least I got to see a few beautiful cars, right?

OH WAIT HOLD UP. There’s more.

Photo Nov 21, 16 41 51 copy

I did get to see some track time and up close. And I got to catch a few friends. One I knew was around, One I honestly didn’t think he’d be there, and One that just dropped by to support.

I spent a good amount of time at the festival watching Auto-X run. It was rather interesting to watch. The Auto-X event is where my photo splurging happened (will be in following post). I enjoyed every moment of that. There was only a handful of cars but since it was ongoing action I enjoyed it. Part of me wanted to join in with my friends. So I asked Moto towards the end which he responded with a delighted “sure” to let me squeeze in the final runs of the day. That was a great way to end the event.

Click Here for Auto-X blog.

Photo Nov 21, 20 05 46 copy


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