Ameritasha’s Auto-X Experience @ NissFest


Here is Part 2 of NissFest (Click Here for part 1). I had to make this a separate post because it was a different experience on its own and I have another set of photos to share of the event that would have needed its own space. If you are here just for pics, its at the end of the post. I wont be offended by you not reading my blog. Not that I would know if you did or not.

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As I mentioned in the previous post I found myself with three friends, James, Devyn, and Enrique, from the US Itasha community. Two were volunteering in the Auto-X part of the event hosted by Moto from Club4AG. Devyn decided to join in on the Auto-X fun and started doing his laps. During that time, my car was still in the show so I was shooting everyone that was in that last two hours of the event.


Enrique in the Goodsmile Racing Miku themed Civic. It was his first time. Not shabby at all. Welcome to being a car guy Enrique. :)
No evil face this time. A straight honest welcome.

IMG_6404James in the soon to be K-On themed Civic. Already started with that “HKS Parody.” I actually dont remember whether or not he’s done any track events before that, but given how shy he was with the car, probably not. He did a very good job improving through the afternoon though. Quit being pessimistic and shitting on your car man. Its as good as you can make it.


Devyn in the Sword Art Online Asuna themed Civic. He like me we’ve ran track at least once. It was actually pretty interesting to watch his car move about.

03 copy

In wake of all the fun they were having I asked Moto towards the end of the day if I could take a lap or two which he, in a delighted manner, said “sure.” And so I took the last runs of the day. On camera was very cone kissing happy on my side. I guess those hours on GT somehow translated IRL since I do the exact thing in game as a challenge. POV is on spot i guess. GRANTED I didn’t get many runs in so I was probably not pushing myself hard enough. I tried my best though given the situation. Self pat on the back. Maybe I should try my hand at Auto-X more than the big track. I can see it work my brain more and that I like.

The track layout was very straight to the point. Didn’t seem too crazy after running through the first time. Tight Low speed S’s to begin followed a large sweep then a mid-speed slalom that seemed to leave me needing to shift to third by the end of the run. I liked it, very beginner friendly especially since I’m not familiar with controlling the car in such a tight course.


And I dont know how to conclude this soooo: here is us and Moto. Just doing our things. lol. Thanks again Moto for squeezing me in at the end of the day!

Below is the small photosplurge.


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