Allergy/Flu and my Morning.

Something I absolutely hate about them. They throw my sleeping pattern and internal clock completely off and I don’t usually realize til a huge wall shows up to tell me.

-My morning I woke up early. Dad was home. Redflag number 1. But he’s been home in the recent past because of family concerns. fine.
-I go outside and there is no street sweeping going on. uh…okay, maybe they are late?
-Girlfriend doesn’t respond to message or calls. Redflag.
-I rush out of home without food because “late to work.” I get on the main street and notice theres very few cars. Red Flag, disregarded.
-I note theres no speeding cars anywhere. Red Flag. I thought I was even later than usual.
-I arrive at work in a rush. Crashed the car in the parking lot. Red Flag?
-I run inside, no one is working. Red Flag. Okay maybe stationed elsewhere.
-I go in the work office. EVERYTHING is in place. Red Flag.
-I check the time xx:59. Red Flag. Shit I’m late.
-I walk though workplace and I only find security walking around. Red Flag.
-I get to my station. No one here. Red Flag.
-I unpack and get ready for day, check security systems. The lights in the system JUST came on. Red Flag.
-I walk out the area and note the doors are still locked. Check personal time.. FUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUU.

Go back to sleep….


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