AX Update

I was supposed to have done this in parts during expo like last year but I’ve had trouble with time this year so I’ll just throw them up as updates.

Everything for now comes from the iPod.


Girlfriend and I. She’s Yui, I’m just a photographer (Day 3). I wasn’t photographer all days though. So I wasn’t being a party pooper. This is just the photo I happen to have.


I got myself a Mirai-chan figure. Put it all together within a night and had Danny Choo from Culture Japan sign it the very next day. The stickers are OLD SCHOOL so it was a very tense experience, remembering all the bad moment I’ve had when I was a child. Now that I’m older, this was just as difficult as before but I didn’t to a terrible job.


Smiley got a secret admirer. (lol…kinda). Sorry he’s taken by a certain Mudkipz.


I started working on an Itasha for myself but…well. That didnt go well. My computer completely disregarded the Save button each time I pressed it and in the end crashed and there was a corrupted file instead of a recovered file. I’ll press on.

As for now. I got photos to edit then post later. Sit tight please.


I just snagged this photo from my friend Tom


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