House Project Pt.2 and Roll Call

20130602-022915.jpg 20130602-022925.jpg

Continued the house. The roof was tough to glue together. I’ve gone through so many pieces. I’m actually uite lucky I’ve been fluing in pieces instead of one after another. I have the walls, Primary roof, and secondary roof glued separately. Now that I have the idea down and set. I am tepted to take the time to redo the wall layout because of a small thought process malfunction in my head. I’d rather not share about it. Next step I plan on reasessing the roof plan to see if I can get creative with that strange opening. Maybe use it as some kind of eco-rain recycler for lets say, machining with a water saw? I mean there is a workspace there.
I need more time. I really didn’t get very much done from when I started. Work every day kinda been sucking the time out of things.

20130602-022946.jpg Irrelevant to the house project I’ve got a new roll call coming for the 240. We’re almost ready to fire her up. So happy. There is also a teaser logo.

Finals week first then the car.

Also, I’m looking for a job right now.


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