Bogus or Not

I really shouldn’t be doing this because I’m on crunch time but its a partial must.

So I just found out that people have been calling Alice Fredenham a bogus and a lie do to the aired episode of The Voice UK. Well after watching her performance on The Voice would make me want to jump in that same boat, but I’m not. Its pretty difficult to hide stage fright to the degree that she had on BGT, but she had a hint of it in her voice and her facial expressions on The Voice but it wasn’t as apparent. I think her tumble down from The Voice brought her to fear into her singing that happened to work in her AGT audition.

Just to be clear I say tumble down because The Voice auditions happen before AGT but airs backwards. Not entirely sure why but it’s been that way.

Anyway going back. I’m pretty sure when she performs she’ll be in the zone where nothing else matters but before and after its the most difficult thing.

Either way; Stage fright or not, she has a mesmerizing voice.

I am saying what I believe on stage fright based on my own experiences. It is very nerve wrecking to perform anything infront of anyone. Depending on your comfort level in what you do, it will go away. In my case, since I enjoy designing, what society around me calls, ‘nonsense’; once I start it I can continue without caring what anyone thinks. When I’m done all that fear draws back in me.

And just to keep everyone thats known me up to par. You have known I have stage fright, but I have been able to manage pushing it aside in small bits. I still get the fear none-the-less. Just in smaller amounts.

To everyone who has met me in an art show or smaller, I do fear presenting and showing, a lot of people I’m sure didn’t get that vibe from me unless looking at my facial expressions. This is who I am, stage fright, and I will overcome. One step at a time.


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