BGT favorites so far.

I havnt made a post of BGT or AGT in some time. I just made a quickrun though the videos and picked out my favorites so far. There wasnt many of interest so, heres what they are as of week 3.

3. Jordan O’Keefe. Name is pretty familliar. Not sure if youtube or just somewhere off the webs. Anyway, he’s a pretty good singer (or song writer? Dont want to watch any video a second time at the moment. ) His presence though comes out really well though.

2. IMO following just a shy away from number 1 favorite would be Attraction. I absolutely enjoy Silhouettes, and more so in an artistic form. This goes plenty ways in dance, choreograph, story, uniqueness, and some more I’m probably forgetting. Definitely worth watching.

1. Alice Fredenham, the name we may be wanting to remember on the long run. She has this classy authentic smooth voice that is simply captivating. Just as Simon said, “[Her] voice is like liquid gold.” This is a very impressive performance and she had no idea the talent she had. The stage fright is pretty real there, no way of faking that kind of fright. We’ll have to see if it doesnt catch up to her in the later rounds. I HOPE IT DOESNT.


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