Photosession with light

ph1So in school we’ve been learning about lighting compositions, specifically Rembrant. I’ve had my share of light experiences with two other photo studios ShootLA (public hosted; I’ll try to find a link to it) and HutTopix (private hosted studio). They were cool to some extent but not necessarily nice.
ph5 ph2
Photographed above was my friend, model, class partner, Lindsay. Very light photo editing was done just to show how my own experience was in the class. I have others to show at a later time, but those will be edited using a combination of techniques I’ve known in the past and some new ones I’ve learned from the teacher’s assistant, Sarah. But as for the photograph, I’ve used what I’ve learned of rembrant lighting and used my 50mm lens to shoot all of the images. All at roughly ISO200 or ISO 400 depending at what angle I was from the light.ph3
After the class I set up my own studio at home on my own desk trying rembrant and eventually playing with the single light source (occasionally with a light board) to try practicing and expeirementing. To a degree rembrant lighting wasn’t working well on Rin, I believe it was due to the small nose given on the figuring. The above photo makes me feel I just created my own ready home made concert.


The image to the right is one that I used a light board to reflect some of the sourced light onto Rin’s face just so it wouldn’t be sucked out by the darkness. Had I have a proper reflector I probably would have had her face much better lit. But It’s a good attempt using whatever resources I have at home. Maybe next time I should try using paper protector sheets.

Fun time with lights. Yay.


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