Vocaloid Itachari Part 2


So I’m getting the Itachari done. So stoked. Just need finishing pieces and we’re set.

Some time ago I posted that I was making a aero design for the bike set for the rear wheel to make the Itachari, found here: Vocaloid-Itachari. I had sent it the designs to Fresh Prints Design to have it printed several weeks ago but I kept lagging it because I either couldn’t pick it up and/or wanted to keep revising it. After time, I just comitted to what I had done and here it is. Printed.


So all in the same night I just started cutting away at the excess, then cut out the inside circle so it can pass though the center.


Quick check to see the size and how it looks. :)


Started to test fit it with tape to see how it looks overall and it fits perfectly. Even the extra 0.10 i gave it sat so well.


Next on the list is to grab an exacto knife to cut out the area for the air and then I need to grab all the bolt-on pieces and I’m set for the world!


Also, I bought these reflectors from Daiso Japan! $1.50, perfect stick on’s. Safety first! How should I put this together though. Hmmmmm.


I know i’m not done with the project just yet but here are my Thank You;
Fresh Prints Design for printing out my Aero Design
Shimano for providing good brakes
Giant even though I didnt buy anything I used their Pedals and Crank that came off the road bike because better quality
Takara for providing the frame
CatEye for providing bright lights
Daiso Japan!
for the cool reflectors for a student budget!
Kenda for having such amazing tires that can take my abusive nonsense


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