Catching up

So it’s been a while since I’ve updated. So much so that I havnt continued updating the anime thing. I’ll try doing one full run tonight if not tomorrow afternoon during the dead time looking for a specific teacher. So summarizing:

Photo Feb 18, 22 13 09 Photo Feb 18, 23 47 47Recently I’ve just added this display case to my room. Gonna fill it up with anime stuff. This is gonna turn into the anime corner. Top to bottom I’ve got Mameshiba, the most random bean that tells facts (I’m unsure if TV short or Youtube short).


Photo Feb 14, 20 51 19Photo Feb 14, 12 31 28

Recently was valentines day. I took my girlfriend to Gonpachi. To my surprise they were doing a Valentines theme that say so I myself wound up surprised surprising my girlfriend with a surprise that I didn’t even know. I wound up spending some unexpected spending  No matter though. You can see more about it on her blog also. [link]

Photo Feb 08, 20 19 39

THIS bugger was what made Valentines a little rough. Its a fake. Its nowhere near as described. Whats annoying is that I cant return or anything. Well I’ve been taking it up with eBay.

Photo Feb 16, 19 09 03

The removal of the engine to my car began. Gonna be a slow process. I hope I can finish it soon. Another birthday fixing the car…and on a completely avoidable problem. Just too many things to factor. Ultimately I’ll blame myself for not standing up for myself.

Photo Feb 16, 12 43 07

Dogsitting Snowy. If you follow me you probably recognize her. [link]

Photo Feb 12, 1 37 15

Anime watching. This character interests me. Just the character concept alone is interesting. You Kasukabe is the name. She’s probably a character I wont drag along like Asuna and Rin but she’s deefinitely taken an interest due do her abilities and characteristic in the role she plays in the anime. We’ll see where everything will wind up.Photo Feb 14, 9 56 02

School started. I didnt take pictures of every class I have. Very odd of me actually. Only picture of the semester so far. We were blindly molding clay. NO ONE BELIEVES ME THAT I DID THIS BLIND. Everyone thinks I did this looking. D:

Yup. This has been the summary of the month.

Happy Birthday Me.


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