Sword Art Cafe

– Sword Art Cafe –
Good Smile Company Akihabara

I’d like to go. So jealous.


  • Black Swordman Pasta – A Kirito-Inspired Pasta (the color is creepy though!) – 980 (JPY)
  • Rabbit Stew – Inspired on the “S” class rare item – 980 (JPY)
  • Pancakes – It comes with a Kirito and Asuna Art at the top – 680 (JPY)
  • Cheesecake Crepe – Inspired on the Guild – Knights of the Blood – 680 (JPY)
  • Asuna & Kirito Honeymoon Parfait – Note: A Parfait is a frozen dessert or well Icecream – 680 (JPY)
  • Leafa Parfait – This one resemble the colors of Leafa. Sadly, she is alone! – 680 (JPY)
  • Drinks: Their colors resemble each character Yui, Kirito, Asuna and Leafa. All of them are cocktails excluding the one of Yui that is just peach flavored. – 480 (JPY) each one.



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