Sandwich Blvd

So I’ve been biking around all week, still getting used to the bike that its a single speed. During all my rides, I’ve been finding myself in places I’ve passed countless times. So now I’ve decided I should start stopping in some of these places, if money allows obviously.

First place first. I like sandwiches. And I found myself at a curious themed place called sandwich blvd. To be honest, I wish I stumbled across this with my car instead due to the theme, but whatever. I went, was welcomed buy the city theme with kind of awkward cow accents here and there. Was just nice and different. They had a few tables, typical for a small place, they had very unusual funny bathroom signs, and an awesome Air Hockey table. YUSH! So to order.

Ordered a Van Ness. Basically a BBQ chicken sandwich. I just held off the spicy sauce though (not a fan of spicy). Well…let me say it was probably one of the most disappointing sandwiches I’ve had in a while. The tomato’s were pale, the chicken was neither hot or cold, the lettuce was fine, but the BBQ sauce was…so…not….sweet or hot. The texture was there but the taste felt watered down. I probably would have overlooked everything if the bread was at least toasty but, was not, unfortunately. However I did taste that the bread was legitimately fresh. Not sure if they make it or not.

The overall experience was alright. I wish it did keep up with how I was feeling about the place. It most definitely didn’t help that there’s a noisy car wash place there. Regardless inside or outside; you can hear it.


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