Vocaloid Itachari


So, I started my Itachari project. I chose Rin Kagamine to be the character due to the color characteristics and theme of the new bike. Hard, bold flowing black and yellow colors and nice soft cadence (meaning the ride).

20130129-193248.jpg 20130129-193310.jpg

Started off with the template and a picture and worked my way.

Me being me, I can barely draw any character on my own so I have to grab a picture and either replicate or recharacterize using different face/body parts from different characters. This time since this is just the bike and to introduce the idea. I just simply traced (NOT LIVE TRACE) and just filled in the colors with layers upon layers. I’m going to focus on the eye’s a bit more than original to personalize it and change her overall color a bit darker so she could print properly. This will finish up quite well I’d say.


While all this is happening…I’m still working on making the Itasha. But since I still inexperienced with drawing human figures… This is still in the drafting process after how many months did I decide this?

If anyone wants to donate their time and use my car as an animation/graphic design promotion. I’m willing to hear you out. E-mail me. As the designer/artist you get to pick up to 4 areas of the car your name and/or webpage will be posted. 5th area will be the rear windshield. I want this done for Anime Expo.

[edit] I’m gonna get a big fat bow for the bike. That is all.


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