Yay! I got my Kabuto today!


NO, not that Kabuto. THIS Kabuto:

20130126-174621.jpg 20130126-174614.jpg

Nice shiny black frame with yellow accents everywhere. I got it off the internet for a very good price. I got a third bike because I needed a distance commuter. The BMX bike is rather tiring to commute with even though its much more comfortable and fun to ride. The road bike is, well, stiff and too expensive to have laying around (like lets say going to the grocery store or school).

Assembling the bike was pretty decent. Came across two problems, but no big deal. I had expected ths from an inexpensive bike. First problem was the brake handle was already coming apart, so I just switched some parts around and voila. Brakes fixed. Second problem that came up were the crank/pedals. They were a strange size. I mean I kept hitting the front tire trying to ride it.


I checked if i placed something backwards or what not. NOPE. So no big deal, I was planning to switch them anyway bc I’d rather ride with metal pedals than whatever this had. I just switched it with my old steel riding pedals.


After time with assembly and fine tuning to my specifications I was down and ready to ride. Let me say; This is well worth it. Its bright as day so with the sun its even brighter (obviously). It feels great for an inexpensive bike. Can’t wait to ride this more. Abuse and care.

(In picture I do realize my handlebars are crooked. It’s been fixed already)

There’s still thing needed to be done on the bike for my own personal preference. Shimano upgrades all around, New brake lines, Removal of stickers, and lastly, “personal touches.”

Let the pain begin!


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