Sometimes I want people of the same interest to talk to…
Sometimes I need more than just one or two people…
I do need to get up and out and meet these people…

Here’s my call:
-Animation, Short Stories, Online Short Novels; Romance/Drama genre.
-Photography; Motion.
-Gaming; Great Stories.
-Outdoors; Hiking, Cycling, See beyond these city walls.

Its unfortunate I don’t really have many people to talk about these things. Very rarely do I let it bother me, but it really does.

I’m sure everyone out there feels this in some form. Not necessarily about the same topic. But there’s that something that seeps in your mind.

And if you know me. You’re probably surprised Automotive isn’t on that list above, considering how much I talk about the subject.

I feel very much like Sugu (Sword Art Online) right now…
Drawn by me.

Well…Finals week is this week. Gotta get cranking…


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