Peru in less than a week

Having a crazy busy week. I have barely any time to squeeze in. I’m about to head to Peru but I have not packed yet! :O

Well. Peru soon, means plenty of this:

…and this:

Trust me the drinks [above] are non-alcoholic. They are the best fruit drinks I’ve ever had, and the only place I can get such a fruit drink is in Peru.

And since I’m on the food topic. I must have another McFlurry while I’m there. It had a Rich vanilla/Oreo taste; not over-sugary or over-creamy. Its just a very nice blend that actually tastes good. McDonalds is McDonalds? If you believe that, you are most definitely missing out. I’ve been avoiding McDonalds around the world because we have that where I live. Why try something I already know? Well, last time in peru just a McFlurry open my mind even more. I’m willing to try American Food to compare. I’m sure even Pizza Hut will have a rich taste.

Oh dear…I was going to just post pictures of my last visit but got think-typing. So hungry now…
I think I’ll have to skip Art Club today.


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