GT5: The BRZ

So video games (VG). Past realistic, Fake, Not Real, You dont learn anything from it, You cant compare it to real life most would say. To a degree no you cant compare. But the sense of what needs to be compared, yes you can.

Anyone who thinks I’m taking this way too seriously, please keep those comments to yourself.

So I went out of my way to ask around for $1 to use on the Gran Turismo add-on, the Subaru BRZ, just to check it out and compare the differences if there is anything to compare to considering its a video game. And to my mild surprise, I almost immediately noticed there was something to compare between the Toyota 86 and Subaru BRZ.

After purchasing the vehicle I did what I normally do with ANY new vehicle in the game. Test it and run it as hard as I can around Tsukuba, as-is meaning whatever tires it came with. I had the feel for the significantly shortened gears and the seeming-ness of a possible stability control over the 86. Sooner or later I began slowly modifying the vehicle slowly to give and take the cars capabilities.

Continue onto the actual tuning and comparison

Before I begin I wanted to mention about the games detail. Notice how my car (white/blue) wheels are more flush than the other guys car? Shows how much camber were using. Just a little 2cents there.

Subaru BRZ SToyota 86 GT
Subaru BRZ on left and Toyota 86 GT on right.

SO, BRZ. You think you’re a tough guy, no?
In the real world it was said to be that the engine positioning is slightly different between the two cars. In game, after tuning both cars heavily, there was a very big difference between the cars attitudes on driving.
Drifting: The BRZ has short running gears and the slight difference in center of gravity made the car mildly difficult to toss around, the car wanted to grip more. The GT86 out of the box was very fish-tail happy so even after modifying the car was very stable driving sideways.
Grip: Switching roles and going a time attack run I found the BRZ to feel very sturdy considering its nimble body while the GT86 was just happy fun trying to kick around.

Tsukuba 1 lap time attack:
Rules: Identical tuning. No race parts, semi-racing ok.
86 grip: 1:02.068
86 drift: 1:13.350
BRZ grip: 1:00.814
BRZ drift: 1:13.893
FRS grip: 1:02.124
FRS drift: 1:13.012

I am most likely to do more Time run’s at a later time bc the Subaru is still not fully done. Once that happens we’ll see where it goes.

After all of that happened I took the BRZ out on its first friendly battle. Funny I found another BRZ owner so we took them out for a spin and tandem’d.

All in all about the BRZ. It’s a different beast. Depends on what you want to use it for, I guess would be the variable to spending that $1 or not. Since I wanted to take the time to analyze it, I strongly believe I got my $1 worth out of it.


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