Bizarre served

Lately I’ve been getting ice cream served in pretty bizarre matters that leave me questioning; what on earth went though their minds?

I bought this Cookies and Cream ice cream from a local hawaiian place and had ordered it To-Go. I watched her get the cup, put the ice cream in, and then the spoon, yeah the norm. But then she placed a lid on top…and just started laughing in my mind going ummmm…okay…

I posted on facebook soon after and one of my comments went. “You can do it! Suck that spoon!”

This one I bought at a japanese plaza. They asked me the usual cup or cone for a soft-serve and I ordered cup and got a cone in a cup. Best part is that I had thought this was an error by the person behind me ordered the same and got it served again

There has been other occasions where I’ve been served ice cream in other odd manners but I’ve never taken pictures of them to make fun of it.

The two places (above) are very good places to go to. I’m not here to put them down, I enjoy the food there. I’m just blogging this for just the strangeness of what was given to me.


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