Pre-post Nuisance

Went out earlier tonight to a local meet with Team Nuisance, which they are good friends of mine. But to their luck local police rolled in and dispersed everyone. I left along with everyone else and then swapped cars and came back. Just Nuisance was left and we just kicked it. Eventually the meet was focused on the New and Old 86. We set the cars up for a shoot and we were set.


To the police mention. This is the second time this has happened and one thing came in common between the two burns. There were media outlets announcing everything, so naturally it attracted not only friendly people but the real nuisance. Last meet was large and peaceful. This time was small and a few people were being rowdy as they left. Just my 2cents to them as a friend. Don’t allow media outlets to announce the meet. Leave it to be.

Tomorrow (maybe) ill be posting meet photos.


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