Nuisance Night

Alright, lets start right where I teased last night. Left is the 2013 Scion FR-S (a.k.a. Toyota 86) the successor of the car on the right which is the Toyota Corolla (a.k.a. Toyota Trueno [AE86 chassis]). I’ve been posting around since the beginning of the year about the new 86 from opinions to just talk about it.
+And just to celebrate the new 86. I’ll have the two cars up on the banner (located at the top) for the next few days before I return back to the rotating banner.

Mudkipz&Smiley sitting in the corner of the meet. The old bonnet is back on my car, I’ll probably make a post about it later…

Jon’s 86 looking fresh as usual.

Nuisance Cars. Mac’s new S13 hatch just getting his parts together.

Such a clean Mercedes. Probably my favorite car of the night. Sedan love.

Subaru BRZ loaded with Cusco parts. I still dont know much about this car aside from the Toyota x Subaru joined work and just the exterior differences between the two. I do with both cars were sitting side by side.


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