Crazed Article flying though my FB feed.

Honour Student gets thown in Jail for missing school due to exhaustion: Article.

The above article has been shared plenty of times tonight on my facebook with alot of speculations supporting her. I have read the article, watched the news report, and Yes I do feel for her that being thrown in Jail just like that is injustice for her situation. But there’s alot of information thats seems left out and/or just doesn’t add up properly to help anyone’s defense.
One off thing that is mentioned that NEEDS to be pointed out; why does her older sibling need to be supported by her (Tran, 17). I mean, he should be taking care of himself or stepping down from school to help her out since he is the older sibling. The other sibling mentioned in the article is being taken care of by relatives…so something is not adding up here in the overwhelming state.
But to her defense; working the way she has been working and balancing school is pretty extreme. That part alone is plenty enough for a girl her age to be dealing with and the judge should cut some slack.
Just by the information given I would say the Judge should indeed cut her some slack but still not dismiss her prosecution. She does not deserve to have a tainted record but she should serve for the state law she has violated.
Whatever the backstory really is…I hope it is resolved. I’d like to check back on this article.

A little side note. The judge’s name is Moriarty. For those who knows the name, isn’t it strange?


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