Art Show

This past week I’ve been hard at work refreshing my photographs both new and old and decided to redesign and finish the Wonderland Watch I had started a few months ago. I was finishing everything for an art show that happened at school. I had submitted with the art club.


As showing with the pervious posts I went though my entire library of photos from 3-4 years ago ’til today just looking for pieces that I wanted to show and to rework or make better for the show. In the end I narrowed down to favorites and in the mist of everything I had this ‘aha moment’ where my head kicked in high gear and actually wound up making reworked photos into refreshed photos (like the umbrella man posted a few posts ago).


Show day came and I really had so much left to do that I just wound up just saying enough is enough, I don’t have time to be so critical (which I frequently am on my own work).
I had gone over to a friends design studio, Fresh Prints Design, to print out all of the rounded down photos. After everything was printed and cropped I packed up and headed home to finish with the finishing touches to realize I had forgotten something critical.
Since I work so much on digital work I wanted to display my pieces also on a slideshow: in the weekends case, I used the iPad, the same way I showed my portfolio on portfolio day.


At the art show it was pretty much first come first serve and a lot of the leftover spaces were right up at the entrance which was perfect where as I could freely linger between the entrance and the shop table and socialize my way around.
To be honest I was drop dead nervous bc I have never showed anything outside the internet and I was never personal about any of my own pieces. But when the people started to roll in and start chatting about everyones pieces I made my way into socializing opinions about everything out of everyone.
Opinions, stories, history were all shared between people of all ages. I had plenty of positive feedback between my pieces Lotus in the Mountain, Framed, and Bluffs Rage. The Lotus caught car lovers/enthusiasts attention. Framed caught middle age range people, I’d assume most in business. And Bluff caught mostly the people who are familliar with the location. One couple managed to know Exactly which set of rocks I had captured which was a ‘wow’ for me.


This was rather a successful experience for me. Something I could claim for myself. My one and only showcase in the past was not enough for me because what was submitted was something I did not have pride in. This time it was all me and all my decisions on what was to go up and the sort and plenty of my social ability went into this. I did learn a lot from this show and I will make my way into using what I’ve learned into future showings.

Next time: We fry chocolate covered bacon with them art galleries.


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