Mulholland article

The Acorn – Mulholland

This article [above] makes me laugh.

“…to record the speed racing that goes on there and the attempts by law enforcement to stop it”

Hold it right there. “Speed racing?” Really? Most of the accidents that happen are from inexperience and just simple mistakes if you do watch the video posted. However there are those dumb asses the cross over lanes and endanger the lives of everyone.

“Law-enforcement to stop it.” Yes there are several Highway Patrol officers up there and several times I have seen them just watching and chatting to the people that hang out by ‘The Snake.’ Pretty much if some one is speeding dangerously then that’s where you get lit up. Otherwise it’s a rather friendly environment I’d say.

Me driving on The Snake :)
Totally not speeding…even though Mudkip there says otherwise…lololol.


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