That debatable 3-D


I was just reading the school news paper and saw the debatable topic of 3-D. Question goes: Does 3-D enhance the movie going experience?

To me, 3-D will be a continuous ongoing fad. Technology will always 1up the last and makes The experience better but in all reality 3-D will still be a fad. However, even though I feel like it’s a fad I do have to agree that there have been some movies that’s crawled it’s way into this area in 3-D where it’s actually worth it’s moments.
Take “Avatar” for instance. That movie in 3-D was able to captivate the audiences into the world that has been created and the movie was all purpose made into the 3-D technology. That movie I say made the 3-D movie experience much better.
But there are those movies that crosses this fine line that makes 3-D completely unnecessary. Like a very good grip of movies such as “Transformers,” “Harry Potter,” and the rerelease of “Star Wars.” all of them were completely unnecessary. Too much movement too much blandness, too much of what’s unnecessary in a 3-D film.
Something that doesn’t help anyone in any case are the cheap 3-D glasses. Yeah they are a piece of … . And I’m not saying this because I wear glasses and it doesn’t fit. My best movie experience was at the El Capitan theatre where they had a much better quality 3-D glasses. I believe they may have been digital glasses. But boy, with those glasses I did not get any headaches. And the weird blurriness was cut down to the point where it’s not noticeable. People need to look into researching that a tadmore.
In all reality I support both side of this highly debatable argument and I can possible rebuttal a lot of what people say. But there IS one area where I can’t deny anyone for anything; How stupid expensive it is to watch 3-D movies… Look at the price: uh… No thanks I’ll watch in 2-D.

Fn: since I’ve been on an writing spree I opened up a new category called “food for thought.” want to read my thoughts and opinions just click on the category tag.


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