Mobile devices

There are so many mobile devices out in this day in age it has turned this world out of control to a sense. There are everything from phones to PDAs to smartphones. And the amount of things you can do to them can vary so much you can be sure that no two devices would be the same. The things possible can vary from game usage to restaurant hunting to blogging, like I am. I’m currently blogging this from my iPod. I didn’t want to stare at the computer anymore but I came up with this topic to talk about.

I wonder, and this question goes to everyone, what was your reason on buying your hand held(s)?
-did you buy it from impulse?
-did you buy it because it was the coolest thing out there?
-did you have a legitimate reason on using it for work?

I myself never bought any iPods or anything fancy til this current one I bough. I never had a good enough reason to. I had a simple cell phone for the longest time and just recently got a blackberry. No special plans no data no text. I don’t use it. Why buy it? I bought the iPod because I originally had the iPad used for a Art Portfolio day that happened back in the fall. I used it to show all my artwork. During the time I was playing around with it finding apps and games just to try it out. All in all I found the iPad to be very useful. But a tad inconvenient for my taste which is why I came down to getting an iPod.

So far I’m enjoying writing blogs, taking candid photos (that i wouldn’t have time to set up my camera for), and reading up the news off this device. Do I regret not getting one earlier? Not at all. I think this was a good time to get it even if there was another to come out.

I have/had games… But they see a day of light with me, a week max. My girlfriend and friends play more than I do. And the fact that they don’t ask often enough kinda tells how much games are used on this. Almost never.

I feel like I’m making this blog longer than wanted and people like myself would probably start losing attention span for something so random as this post. So let me finish wish a list of apps I use on a daily basis.

Apps: WordPress, safari, msn messenger, stars and galaxy, Facebook, YouTube, mail, instagram, smsfaces, photos, MyRadarweather, my home, control4, yelp, national geographic, times.
This are all off the top of my head and I believe I may be missing 2 or 3 more.


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