Just a music thought…

[Disclaimer: Warning, Rick Rolling Ahead]

I just had a random phone call that went like this:

*Ring ring*
Me: Hello?
Person: Hey it’s Rick
Me: Who? Rick who?

I had to share it via Facebook naturally and to my girlfriend also and while I did so the following thought came to mind:

Rick Astleys – Never Gonna Give You Up is possibly one of the most, if not THE MOST, genius campaings in music ever. I mean think about it; Astley’s track was a ‘one hit wonder’ for however amount of time it was (I’d believe a year knowing how some other ‘one hit wonders’ went) and then years later it became a very well known internet meme. I mean; I know its a more negative meme where one would listen to just the intro drums they would almost immediately shut down the window or toss their computer out of the window from rage quitting. But just that alone make this song more powerful. How many of you have been Rick Rolled? If you’re reading this, I’m pretty sure you have. How many of you know the song or was curious enough to know what the entire song sounds? I’m pretty sure a good grip of you have, if not you should. I’ll post the music video at the bottom of this post. Did any of this make any sense to anyone? Meh, this is just an opinion. I dont blog an opinion often. I honestly feel odd doing this.

Er…Ice Cream anyone? Home made.
I’m serious.


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