Oh Scrabble…

Quixotic (Adj) Exceedingly idealistic; unrealistic and impractical

…a word that I’m starting not to be fond of..

I just had a rare occurrence of using a rare appearing word in two different scrabble games in a short time frame.

First appearance was during a live game play of Scrabble. I, at the time, didn’t know what the definition was. So during the challenge, I obviously lost. I just knew the word exsists. Just didnt know what the word meant. I guess fair play. That time didn’t matter too much the loss bc I was in the lead to begin with.

Second appearance tonight during a mobile Scrabble game. The word just simply didn’t accept. Scrabble did not have the word in the system. It was very agitating to me because I was dragging behind playing catch up. I was a good 100+ points behind and the word Quixotic would have given me 254 points with the bingo, triple word, double word, and word attachments. That would have been a nice win.


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