YT: Address is Approximate

This is a rather beautiful video about a desk toy longing to leave the confines of the office space that he’s located in. He accomplishes that by taking a road trip using a toy car and Google Maps Street View.

The visual overall in detail is stunning. Enjoy the entirety of his surroundings that move in synchronization to what he’s looking though the monitor. As he’s passing though the cityscapes the office around him move with filing boxes and cabinets. Enjoy the cleverness of the tunnel scene as the tunnel lighting is lit by rotating desk lamps.

This video in a way shows that there’s the possibility of there being more inside the small (or large) space you are in wherever you are reading this blog from. Your passion or interests doesn’t have to be blocked by “the four walls of death”.  Open your mind, open your eyes, open your all of your senses, take a deep breath, let your mind free. Don’t wander too far off though, you may have work to get back to.

…or if you’re an artist or writer who’s stuck, drawing blanks, take in what you have around you and flutter free into what you’re doing.


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