Honda EOC Fall Classic 2011

This past weekend I attended several car meets/gatherings. The highlight of the weekend was the Honda EOC (Element Owners Club) Fall Classic Meet. It was the first gathering of its kind, and the first Element meet that I attend, and I’d say it was rather a fantastic meet. At first I did not know what to expect and I was not sure what we were going to do. So everything in my mind was just littered with questions on the event. But I’d have to say that this probably the best meet/gathering I’ve been to unlikenotmeaningtobagon*cough*
. Thanks to event organizers and sponsors for putting together a very well-organized event.

After the break I’ll share photos from the event both mine and from other EOC members.

There were so many Elements that showed up. Not everyone was to be pictured in one shot.

In-n-Out provided the food. (not sure if it was sponsored or not but the food was free which was very nice)

Ziptied Symphony spec Element.

After the following break we caravan and look into to the exclusive Honda Collection Facility located somewhere in southern california that is off the headquarters premisis.

The Honda Collection Facility

***********LOOK AT THAT MILAGE (Acura NSX)**********

 -Surprisingly amazing event. Period.

-Lets not forget to thank everyone who put this together. And I’m thankful for winning the raffle. Even mom’s raffle even though she left just before the raffle started.


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