8.8.11 – PV Photo Shootout

Before I begin, let me apologise for the early morning and early afternoon sessions. I had technical difficulties later on in the day that greatly effected the earlier photos. The following is the only photo (series) I’ve extracted is from the corner camera.

The rest of the day turned out well. Enjoy.

[Edit] More from the Exit Corner Camera.


2 thoughts on “8.8.11 – PV Photo Shootout

  1. loved the first photo and that green ninja!!! great pictures, btw. wish we could have seen the rest of them tho :( hope to c u at palo verdes again soon!

    • Hello, and thanks
      If you are part of the earlier group I do apologise about the incovenience of my memory card going out of wack. I had some great shots when I was checking them as I was shooting the group.
      Hope to catch you guys again soon. I should be there on the coming Sunday again.

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