GT5: Attention to Detail

Been playing GT5 almost every day and the other night I ‘photo-whored’ all over the game enough to learn a neat trick.

GT5 players have known that we can go into photo mode and take pictures of out cars since we first played the game. But what we didnt know is that in certain locations we can actually point the camera though the car. With that discovered I started shooting extreme closeups and noted that there was ALOT of specific details put into the game.

Here we see the vehicle’s amazing corner front face. But we already know the exterior was greatly detailed.

But lets move in more. Straight to the headlight. We have all the rivets and texture thats on the real car. That must have taken alot of time to model.

Heres the exhaust. But we aren’t looking at the exhaust for the detail. Were looking around it. Note the texture on the bumper and note that theres actually a chassis to view.

Not Enough? Lets go INSIDE. This is the interior shot we all know exsists but theres more defined parts in here too that arent usually shown.

A good example is this Seatbealt Buckle and Seat. Theres a bunch of texture on the Seat’s grid.

More cool interior shots is this. Shift knob, Handle, Cig Lighter, and more works.

Theres alot more details to pay attention to but I didnt get around to look for them.  But I’m here to show that I’m appreciating the creators of this game and everyone who worked on this game. Sure theres alot of little glitches here and there on this game but believe me, Its pretty difficult to model shadow for a racing game.


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