LAAS: …questioning Lotus’ taste…

This is probably the most surprising thing I’ve seen for the LA Auto show and I am only reading up what is to be expected.

There is this area of questionable distaste on the new Lotus Exige. The previous models of the Exige is undoubtedly wondrous with its aggressive feel to it. But this one makes me wonder. What happened Lotus? I’ve been seeing alot of these fantastic concept cars and the car that is going to come to showrooms first looks wayyyy out of bounds.

I mean, lets break down what is wrong with this. FIRST: there is the rear wing. I sure hope this wing has a purpose because this thing looks super wrong for the Elise body and on top of that I would probably categorize this wing under ‘rice.’ SECOND: if you can find a picture of the front. The last models styling works wayyyy better than the new facial bodywork. It just simply doesnt say Exige anymore…it says i’m the Elise’s little sister.


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