Past weeks photos.

At the getty. The natural lighting from outside coming in looked sooo good on my friend I had to take this photo.

In a “secret location.” Heres someone famous from the surf scene. Unfortunately I do not know him.

Muholland. Took this photo during the last storm that hit LA. The rain was literally falling sideways!

Irwindale. Everyone has a game face. But what face do some people put before the game is on? Concern? Hope? Confidence? Fear? Heres K.Mohan before hitting the launch.

Irwindale. And here’s J.Maeng before the launch.

Las Vegas. Self photo. I kinda am imitating an artwork that I saw in the movie Thomas Crown Affair. I used to know the name of the painting but at this time I do not remember.

++On a side note. I REALLY need money for a new lens.



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