Food for Thought: Eatallian

Last night I found myself in a curious cafe in a curious location. And I shall tell you, a VERY curious location. Outdoor enviroment is very ghetto and full of warehouses and I felt uneasy parking and leaving my car there [since it was night time], but inside was a very different story. Inside you walk in in a factory setting surrounding you in which before the cafe was opened this was indeed an Itallian food factory.

Along with the factory setting you have a modern-like chair, bar, large projector that was aparently just installed on the same day (just in time for the FIFA games.). Kitchen is clean and modern as it should be along with their interesting modern looking pizza oven.

Sitting down to look at the menu. Okay menu, expected stuff to see for an Itallian place. Price range is really good for the food. Started at around $6 and goes up. There was no wine in the menu yet because they do not have their licensing yet. They have applied for one so expect to have good wine with your Italian food.

I’m a bread eater so, naturally, I chowed down on the soft delicious bread with olive oil.

Pizza came in due’s time and it wasn’t exactly what I was expecting. I ordered a Margarita Pizza which if you’ve ordered it before should be mozzarella, tomatoes, and basil. but this was made like a cheese pizza: tomato sauce, mozzarella…end of story.

But besides that little thing the pizza was surely amazing. Nice thin pizza with a good amount of tomato and nice amount of cheese.

Well all in all, the experience there was quite interesting. I would definitely come back when they are fully up and running.

The owners didn’t know how successful the cafe would be when they decided to use the dead space in their factory.


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