Shoot ’em up Weekend

This coming weekend I have planned to go to ZOMGBBQ which is a large Nissan (specifically S chassis) BBQ Meet started by a friend of mine who drives a vehicle which reads on it ZOMGBBQ. Also planned for the weekend is Shooting Up Muholland Drive and I plan to hit each zone thoughout the day beginning with Super Car Sunday in the morning.

Sunday schedule:
8-9am: Leaving SouthBay
9:30am: SuperCarSunday @ Woodland Hills
11am: Lunch Break (maybe picnic at the top of Monte Nido)
12noon: Monte Nido (Shooting 2 Locations)
2pm: Drive Muholland Hwy
2:30pm: The Snake
Leave for home (or maybe find second location) when traffic is too slow.

Highlighted events are Photo Locations

If you’re coming up or down the canyon in a non-modified vehicle drive with your running lights or headlights on and I’ll snap you. Have fun and drive safely.


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