Random day with the neighbor.

Today I was planning to head out to Cornell again to photograph some daily drivers/riders but I found my ol’ friend outside washing his new car so I joined in and we chatted and washed both cars.

We were talking about random nonsense catching up, since we don’t see each other very often. At the end of washing my car we decided to Wax his car and make it showroom shiny and right then and there I realized we just made a brand new car showroom shiny again. So i decided that we should quickly take some snaps at a near by park and here are some of the results:

M.Kupai Camry

Camry Interior

Yes the second image is massively altered just for fun but that fun also came with something I have not done which came out good as far as I am concerned.

This next Image is using a collection of three other photos I have taken at the same location with some page brochure text in it.
Camry Page

Not bad, eh?


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