Electric LM

I am fully for Electric Race cars and this is a grand achievement. Good job nissan for opening more doors to the future.

Why am I a fan of EV (and hybrid) Race Cars? Yes I definitely agree that EV cars done belong on a track but I see it as a difference race. Race for technology. Race for bettering my world and future generations. Anything that can be learned on the race track can be applied in the real world. All grueling factors can be tested on Dakar, Pikes Peak, LeMans, Nurburgring are intensive factors as to what goes on daily use.

Nissans achievement for top speed in the electric car to me means that they overcame battery reliability. Completing the lap in that speed means they overcame battery usage per speed/energy. Good Job Nissan.

Tesla, I’m waiting for you guys to make a race car too. I need a good hard comparison.