Quite Foxy

I love this thing. It’s a fox-body that makes me want to throw everything bad I’ve said about a fox-body and throw it out the window.

There’s a sense in personality to this car that allows me to appreciate this car in both an American Muscle standpoint with the flare of the Japanese world. The owner probably didn’t intend on that but I feel that that is what this Mustang portrays.

[edit] The best part of this car is that I learned that this was one of the first D1 Driver Search vehicles but at the time it just looked stock. Now look at this beast. I want this to compete in D1 after it finds itself covered in D1 inspired graphics that is Mustang fitting.


The Nobody

There are perks to being almost a nobody. There’s little to no hate upon topics you post publicly. But that would go the same the other way, there’s no support for you. I like bogging for my own enjoyment and don’t quite mind not getting responses although I would like to occasionally get some thumbs up or thumbs down.

It is quite amazing to see how many people are out there to chew each others heads off. I dont know if the person intends to have written the way it sounds or not but there are some seriously mean and negative things out there. But then again it’s the internet world now and people are getting less and less personal to one another.

Why did I bring up this post? Because I read multiple blogs get ripped apart just now and I personally don’t think they deserved to get ripped apart for their opinions. Although one person did take their blog to a offensive approach.


…I’m ashamed to have abandoned the blog for so long. Well don’t fret. I’m gonna come back. School and Work has been quite intensive for me taking up a lot of my time. My work place is closing down so that would be the reason why I’m sure to come back. More time.

Quick Pick Blog

I am totally guilty of not posting in so long. So here is what I have just a quick skim off my iPod.

20131110-231507.jpg Quick Design teaser done in the 20 min time span I had in the print lab between school time.

20131110-231713.jpg Rocking out the 10th anniversary by getting half of my photographs autographed. I need my hero Darren and friend Fredric.

20131110-231645.jpg Designed and made a quick cheap fan of a favorite anime that’s going on now.

20131110-231611.jpg Got my artwork hung in the main hallway at school. Coolsauce!